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Dirk Adler · 22 · Lower Class · Betrayal · Dave Franco.

“Scarred me with your beautiful lies, they echo inside like bleeding words.”

—Alexandra Richard.


Dirk Adler watched his brother step up to the altar, kind eyes and flushed face on his wedding day.  Everyone was just as excited as he, mingled breath and voices trying to make sense of words and phrases in the cramped space that was the church.  Dirk himself had never had much admiration for such ceremonies - what did matrimony mean that a regular relationship didn’t?  His older brother had told him that on his own wedding day, he would realize the difference tenfold.  The youngest Adler boy had decided to bear with the tedium and chaos that was such a celebration, as if is brother could, he could as well.  His brother’s fiancee, a young woman Dirk often called Goose for the way bumps ran down her skin when she was excited, stepped into the secondary entrance,  where the flowergirls and ringbearer stood.  She bent down and whispered to Dirk, a sad smile sickening her soft features.  I love him, she said, but I’m not ready.  She turned away from the entrance to the church and towards the world outside, and looked back at her fiancee one last time, standing at the altar, before running out into the daylight.
Everyone chattered on, still rambling about the joys of marriage and the reception afterwards.  Not even the soon-to-be-wed Jakob Adler realized what had happened; he still stood nervously, but for all the wrong reasons.  Dirk stared at the empty space where Goose once stood and waited for them to realize.  To realize that all this fuss, all this worry was for naught.  That they were celebrating an empty cause.  That marriage was not as pleasant a thing as his brother had made it out to be.


She spoke his name, once, twice, three times. The fourth time she screamed.
He still remember how she cried days after his disappearance, or what she thought to be it - he had kept near for damage control, and left after a week of her suffering. All the girls he’d dated were all the same; clingy, hysterical, and much too invested in their relationship with him. Dirk had warned them all repeatedly that he meant nothing serious with them, but who was he to reason with women? Dirk stood on the steps of an inn, wishing the poor girl would pick herself up and move on. Only he seemed to catch the dames trapped in their fantasies, consumed by the supposed splendor of true love and all its forms. They spoke of it often, and that was the first hint he caught to leave them. Then came talk of how darling children were. But the last straw was their interest in marriage. In a bountiful ceremony, clothed in white silk and lace veils. It was then he would leave, move on, find someone else. Dirk, as the inn owner would say, was always in the market for another passtime - not a woman, a passtime. If anything, the youngest Adler didn’t want commitment. He didn’t want to put himself into a relationship that had no fruits but regret. He’d seen his brother experience it. He couldn’t speak days after his botched wedding, and after the silence was gone came the anger. It washed over the sadness and startled everyone, and when it was over came the pure and cold desolation.
Trust had no real value. It was kind but harsh very easily, a tamed animal lashing out on the hand which fed it.
It was easier, Dirk had concluded, to betray the trust of another, before letting them worm too far into your heart.

Occupation: Bartender.
He bartends at the Hungry Giant.

Lewd, cocky, and noncommittal.  He doesn’t like relationships, but when he needs a place to stay he’s not exactly shy.

Alphonse Carter - He’s constantly at the Hungry Giant, and they talk often.  Dirk is good friends with Alphonse, and he finds interest in how he perceives the world around him and the way he lives his life.
Lise Claesson - She frequents the Hungry Giant, and he talks with her often.  He has more than once challenged her to a gamble, but when she realized what a terrible sport and gambler he was, and how little he had to his name, she began denying his attempts.

Gif hunts.
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